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July 03, 2007

During a recent committee meeting some topics of discussion were brought up regards the running of the club and ideas to bring forward into the new 2007-08 season.

To discuss these issues further please attend the AGM, 8pm, Wednesday 11th July.

  • Due to the success and popularity of the music DJs after bigger live weekend games we shall be repeating this for the coming season, starting with the after game event at the club after the QPR game on the 15th July.

  • Club T-Shirts and Badges will be available at the AGM. Please see a member of the committee for sizes and prices.

  • Plans are afoot for a celebration for the London No1 CSC's 40th anniversary. We're currently gathering information about the history of the club. The form of celebrations has yet to be decided but expect a big night out and possibly a 5-a-side tournament.

    To help us celebrate and gather information we'd like to ask any ex-members if they would like to contact the club to help fill in some of the gaps in the club's history.

    If you're an ex-member or you know of any please get in touch by sending an email to:[email protected].

  • The TV screens that were faulty at the end of last season will be fixed for the start of the new season. There will also be an extra TV in the back bar to make viewing a bit easier for the big games.

  • Raffles will be held during all European games and major live games at the club. Committee members will be responsible for the organising of the raffles on a rota basis.

  • It was proposed that non-members pay for entry for European games, and some other major live games shown in the back room at The Cock Tavern. This is likely to be a nominal fee but is seen as necessary as overcrowding is making viewing for all difficult.

    It is fairly common practice amongst some other London CSC's to charge for live TV games, and is really the only way that we can guarantee that members get to see the games at their own club.

    Be assured that all members will be able to see all games for free so sure you get your membership at the AGM which will automatically guarantee you FREE entry to ALL the games shown at The London No1 CSC.

Please come along to the AGM to voice an opinion on the issues that matter to you and your club on the 11th.


The Committee.

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