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Dumfermline v. Celtic Scottish Cup

12.00 pm
Sun, 6th Feb, 2005

The Cock Tavern

These are some articles written by members of the London No.1 CSC.

Being a Celtic fan in London can have its challenges to say the least. Whether its the 800 mile return trip for “home” games or the search for a decent “Celtic Pub” to watch matches on the TV, here’s your chance to share those experiences with fellow Tims. The best offer for gamblers real money pokies no deposit. Come on. Increased chance of winning!


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Reporters: Accurate and Jinky, August 2003

While tens of thousands of people headed to West London for The Notting Hill Carnival a few brave souls rose from their pits early on Sunday morning, sporting hangovers and a sense of foreboding.

London No.1 C.S.C. with its proud football heritage, gathered in leafy Chiswick to take on the might of 6 other C.S.Cs – Scarbourgh, W. London, Henrik Larsson No.1/Wimbledon, Shepherds Bush and Greenford., with Wimbledon and Henrik Larsson combining to make 1 team.

Our team consisted of John “the Cat” Campbell; Dennis “Demolition Man” O’Rourke; John “Debonair” Shields ; Gerry “the Maestro” McGachy; Alan “Accurate” Persaud; Liam “the Pro” Higgins; Angus “Brushstrokes” Robertson; Martin “the Silent Assassin” Walsh; and last and least Joe “Jinky” Clark, who was nearly hospitalised in the warm up, when a wayward shot from “Accurate” blasted into his face…lucky it was only a left footer!

Our starting line up in our first game v West London ; was the Cat in goal, Demolition and Debonair, at the back, and Maestro and Accurate goal hanging…sorry pressing forward.

After a slow start due to chronic dehydration, with the Cat in outstanding form, we used our subs wisely and got into our stride…the Pro adding the balance required and we ended up gubbing them 6-1.

As we trudged wheezing and creaking from the arena, for a well earned Regal, we were informed that we were to play Tony Devlins mob, who were all kitted out in a fetching and inappropriate blue! ( St Joseph’s G.F.C.)

They turned out to be a pretty poor team, but in the end their youth told and they outlasted us 3-2. Again the Cat performed heroics, spilling blood on this occasion.

But now we were in the semi finals {there were only 6 teams!} We were next up against a set of finely honed muscular young men from Shepherds Bush.

Someone suggested a handicap system should have been implemented, whereby the average age of the teams should be subtracted…us 42 them 21… 42-21=21…so we get a 21 goal start…if this had been agreed we would have won a bruising encounter 22-8!

Well, that just left the playoff match for 3rd and 4th place against Scarbourgh ..a team so young that none of them had purchased his first razor. Again, after a thoroughly spirited, skilful and committed display we went into half time 3-2 ahead. Unfortunately their youth {average age 18} told in the second half, as they got faster as we got slower. They shaded the match 5-4?? So we came 4th.

We can’t remember which team won the tournament, but we think they come form somewhere down Goldhawk Road, but for the 5 other teams, we had a great time and played in the true spirit of the game and the occasion.

Afterwards we manoeuvred our aching and complaining bodies to the New Inn Brentford for refreshments. There the trophies were presented, the loudest cheer coming for the award of player of the tournament by unanimous consent…none other than our own John “the Cat” Campbell [63], a great example to all those youngsters out there!

Also, if there had been a prize for best travelling support, we would have won it hands down. Many thanks to Jean and kids, Ryan, Charlene, and Michelle who made a London No.1 COME ON! banner, and to Nessa and Gemma for their vocal support.

Another personal highlight for Alan was meeting Stan Bowles – in his capacity as Chairman of the ladies netball team – (They were holding a function at the new Inn as well ) whom he thanked for giving me so much joy in the seventies..that’s Stan not the netball team. ( That’s what you are saying Alan !! )

The teams all mixed freely, except the “wining” team who didn’t appear to know the words to “Fields of Athenrye”, and who left after the presentation, maybe they wanted to go to the Carnival.

Finally, as usual on such occasions the London No.1 were first to arrive and last to leave…cos they stopped serving.

Hail Hail and looking forward to the next one, Jean just has to find out when the last tube stops the next time.