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Dumfermline v. Celtic Scottish Cup

12.00 pm
Sun, 6th Feb, 2005

The Cock Tavern


The best offer for gamblers online pokies australia real money no deposit. Come on. Increased chance of winning! The organisation will be a club for supporters of Glasgow Celtic Football Club and will be named ‘London No.1 CSC’.

Aims & Objectives

London No.1 CSC (henceforth to be referred to as ‘The Club’) will exist to serve the interests of its members by promoting and advancing the heritage, tradition and well being of Celtic Football Club and it’s supporters.


The Club shall consist of fully paid up members and shall be governed by an elected Committee.



  1. Aims & Oblectives
  2. Members
  3. Membership Fees
  4. Expulsion of Members
  5. General Meetings
  6. Committee
  7. Media
  8. Auditors
  9. Club Funds
  10. Dissolution
  11. Alteration of Rules
  12. Standing Orders

The aims and objectives for which the Club exists are:-

    Rule 1
  1. To represent the interests of its Members
  2. To promote and preserve the heritage and traditions of Celtic Football Club (henceforth to be referred to as ‘Celtic F.C’), in accordance with the ideals of the Clubs’ founding fathers;
    1. espousing non-exclusivity, embracing all colours, creeds and religious faiths and none
    2. affirming the Irish/Scottish identity
  3. To promote and facilitate amongst Members the active support of Celtic F.C.
  4. To pursue an earnest and prominent role in the development of Celtic F.C.
  5. To promote social, recreational and leisure interaction between Members and other supporters clubs, especially in the South East of England, Celtic F.C management, staff and players, and all who are disposed toward the well-being of Celtic F.C and its supporters.


    Rule 2
  1. Memberships of the Club is open to all Celtic Supporters.
  2. Each Member shall be entitled to one vote at each General Meeting with the exception of the Chair who will be entitled to a casting vote on any issue where vote is tied.


    Rule 3
  1. Members must pay an annual membership fee.
  2. The membership fee shall be a set fee payable no later than 30th September each year.


    Rule 4
  1. Members may be expelled for breaking any Rules of the Club or for any action or neglect deemed detrimental to the Aims and Objective, and welfare of the Club.
  2. The Committee may suspend or disqualify any Member.
  3. All suspensions must have a time limit and Members under suspension have the right to appeal. Appeals must be lodged within fourteen days.
  4. Expelled Members have the right to appeal, notification of such appeals must be forwarded in letter to the Chair within fourteen days. Membership of the Club is maintained to all parties pending final result of appeal.
  5. All appeals will be determined by a General Meeting as per Rule 12 (k)


    Rule 5
  1. General Meetings shall comprise of Members of the Committee and ordinary members.
  2. A General meeting shall be held once each month, except June and July. In exceptional circumstances and subject to the approval of a General Meeting, meetings can take place in June and July.
  3. The Committee may convene a Special General Meeting for the consideration of business of great urgency.
  4. Five ordinary members of the Club and one Committee member of the Club shall constitute a quorum for a General Meeting. The Chair shall chair the meeting. In their absence, the Vice-Chair will assume the same role. In the absence of both, the meeting shall elect a Chair from the members of the Committee present.
  5. The Chair at General Meetings shall have, in the case of equality, a casting vote only.


    Rule 6
  1. The Committee shall consist of up to 7 persons and shall include the following Office Bearers: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Ticket and Travel Convenor, Public Relations Officer and Social Convener.
  2. All Office Bearers to be elected to the Committee at the Annual General Meeting.
  3. All Committee members shall retire annually and be eligible for re-election
  4. Committee members who fail to attend 75% of Committee Meetings during their term of office may be deemed ineligible for re-election.
  5. Committee members who miss three consecutive meetings without good cause may be deprived of office.
  6. Nominees seeking election (or re-election) shall present themselves at the Annual General Meeting. Nominees not present without good cause shall have their nomination declared null and void.
  7. Committee members who cease to be members of the Club shall vacate their seat.
  8. Executive Committee members who wish to resign shall intimate their intentions in writing. Resignations must be ratified by a General Meeting. Resigning members shall retain their positions until resignation has been accepted by a General Meeting.
  9. Whereupon a vacancy, or vacancies, on the Committee arises, a call for nominations will be made at the following General Meeting. In the event that nominees are greater than vacancies, an election will take place at the General Meeting.
  10. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt members for special work.
  11. The Chair, or if absent the Vice-Chair, shall chair Committee meetings. In the absence of both, the meeting shall elect a chair from the members present. The Chairperson, in the case of equality, shall have a casting vote only.
  12. The Committee may delegate powers to sub-committees from their own number, whose decisions shall be subject to ratification by the Committee.
  13. Voting at Committee meetings shall be recorded in precise detail for the information of General Meetings.


    Rule 7
  1. The Public Relations Officer, in conjunction and consultation with the Secretary, or Chair shall be responsible for all matters pertaining to press and public media. All requests and enquiries from media will be directed to the P.R.O. Committee members responsible for unauthorised contact or supply of information to such media shall be deemed in breach of Committee protocol and subject to disciplinary penalties and/or dismissal from office. Committee members facing disciplinary measures or dismissal are reserved the right of appeal to a General Meeting as in Expulsion procedures (Rule 4).


    Rule 8
  1. Three auditors, any two to act, shall be appointed annually at the A.G.M. They shall audit the books of the Club each year, sign financial statements and balance sheets when correct, and furnish reports to Club A.G.M.


    Rule 9
  1. All monies subscribed by the Members to the Club shall be the property of the Club, and not of the individual Members.
  2. The financial year will end on June 30th each year.
  3. All fully paid up Members shall be eligible to examine the books and records of all financial transactions of the Club having given 14 days written notice of request to do so.


    Rule 10
  1. The Club shall not dissolved without the consent of two thirds of its Members present at a meeting specifically convened for that purpose and only on the terms and conditions that the Members may determine.


    Rule 11
  1. No alteration shall be made to the Constitution, except at the Annual General Meeting. Notification of amendments must be sent in writing to the Secretary no later than 28 days prior to the AGM.
  2. Amendments will be enacted to the Constitution upon the ratification of a 2/3 majority of a General Meeting.
  3. The Committee shall be empowered to review, and instigate, potential amendments and additions to the Constitution. All amendments and additions proposed by the Committee shall require ratification in accordance with Rule 11 (b).


    Rule 12
    Annual General Meeting : The AGM shall be held in July each year.
  1. The Agenda for the AGM shall be as follows:
  • Apologies for absence
  • Minutes of the last AGM
  • Election of Officers
  • Any Other Urgent Business.
  • Quorum : Five ordinary members of the Club and two Committee members shall constitute a quorum for the AGM.
  • Order of Business :
    • The Standard Agenda for a General Meeting will be as follows:
    • Apologies for absence
    • Minutes of the last meeting
    • Matters arising
    • Correspondence
    • Chair’s report
    • Treasurer’s report
    • Travel and Ticket Convenor’s report
    • Social Convenor’s report
    • PRO Report
    • Any Other Urgent Business
    • Any member wishing to add additional items to the agenda must notify the Secretary at least 7 days in advance of the General Meeting. Members wishing to introduce urgent business may seek consideration of the meeting or give notice of a motion to be discussed under any other business.
  • Suspension of Standing Orders : In the event of matters of extreme urgency, the Chair may accept a motion for the suspension of Standing Orders. The mover of such motions must state clearly the nature and urgency of the business at the start of the meeting. Two members other than the member proposing the motion must second motions for suspension of Standing Orders.
  • Minutes : No less than seven days prior to General Meetings, minutes of the previous Meeting will be posted on the website. Members may raise matters arising from the minutes for the purpose of information but cannot request debate on any motion passed at previous meeting.
  • Selection of Speakers/Rules of Debate : Members shall indicate their intention to speak by raising their hand. The Chair will indicate the order of speakers in accordance to their request to speak i.e., first raised hand to speak first, followed by second, etc.
  • Speeches :
    1. Prior to addressing the meeting, members should state their name.
    2. No member shall be allowed to speak more than once on any subject in debate. Upon an amendment being moved, members may speak again on the amendment.
    3. Members wishing to raise a point of order shall rise immediately a breach of the rules has occurred.
    4. Members may formally move or second a motion or amendment and reserve the right to speak until later in the debate.
    5. To close a debate, the Chair shall request the mover of the amendment and then the original motion to speak in that order then proceed to the vote.
  • Interruptions : A member who interrupts a fellow member addressing the meeting (except to raise a point of order), who uses abusive language or causes disturbance and refuses to cease such behaviour when requested to do so by the Chair shall be named by the Chair and asked to leave the meeting.
  • Chair’s Ruling : Upon a call to order of the meeting by the Chair, the member currently speaking shall cease until requested to proceed by the Chair. The ruling by the Chair on any question under Standing Orders or any points of order shall be final unless challenged by no less than four members present. The ruling can then by overturned by a two-thirds majority of the members present voting in favour of the challenge.
  • Withdrawals or Additions : No motion or amendment which has been accepted by the Chair shall be withdrawn without the unanimous consent of the meeting. Neither shall any addendum or rider be added without such consent. Should any member dissent the addendum or rider must be proposed and seconded and then treated as an ordinary amendment.
  • Voting : Voting will be by a show of hands except when a ballot is specified. In the case of a ballot, two Scrutineers or Tellers shall be appointed to count votes. The Chair shall have a casting vote only in the event of a split vote.
  • Revising and Rescinding : No resolution shall be rescinded until three calendar months have elapsed since the date of adopting the resolution. Twenty eight days notice of rescindment of amendment must be given but the resolution shall not be rescinded or amended unless by the consent of two thirds of the members present at the meeting when it is considered. No resolution involving important issues of finance or policy shall be rescinded at any meeting unless every member eligible to attend such meeting has been duly notified and given the opportunity of being present.