London No1 News London No1 is the longest running official Celtic Supporters Club in the London area being founded in 1968.]]>en2008-07-24T14:06:50+00:00
  • CONDOLENCES London No1 CSC would like to pass on condolences to Owen Coyle, a previous chairman of the London No1 CSC, whose wife Maureen passed away recently.

    Best wishes to Owen from the London No1 CSC.

    FULHAM TICKETS GO ON SALE WED 18th JUNE Tickets for the Fulham v. CELTIC friendly go on Sale on Wednesday.]]>symptomless2008-06-16T18:10:25+00:00LONDON NO1 CSC - AGM 2008-09 London No1 CSC AGm will take place 7pm, Thursday, 17th July this year.Ticketing and travel will be discussed and its your chance to vote for, or even stand for, the committee.]]>Newssymptomless2008-06-16T17:28:40+00:00Get Well Mary Mc.'d like to wish Mary McLaughlin a speedy recovery from a fall recently.I don't have many details but best wishes and see you soon.Newssymptomless2008-05-13T09:54:39+00:00NOVEMBER MEETING MOVED CSC November Meeting has been moved forward to6pm, Tuesday 6th November.

    Because of the Champions League game on Tuesday night we're moving the CSC meeting to 6pm, 6th November, before the Benfica televised game, which will be shown live after the meeting.

    If you'd like to attend please be prompt.


    GET WELL SOON, GARY luck Gary for your visit to hospital over the weekend and I'm sure you'll get plenty of updates of events at the game on Saturday.

    Hands off those nurses.

    "AND THEY GAVE US JAMES McGRORYand ... JOHN REID", no, they didn't, but whether we like it or not he's due to take over from Brian Quinn as Chairman of the club after the next AGM.

    Some people want to do something about it. Read here about the man who will be representing Celtic's interests for the foreseeable future.

    TELEVISION PROBLEMS for the recent problems with the television for certain games.

    We've remedied the problem but its best to call the bar before the match to make sure that the game is on.

    WEBSITE FIXED technical and administration problems that we encountered recently have been resolved and the website has been updated and put back live.

    Sorry for any inconvenience over the past couple of weeks, normal service resumes.

    SPARTAK GAME at the LONDON NO.1 have just announced that they'll be showing the Champions League 3rd Rd qualifier at 5pm on Wednesday.

    We'll have it live at the London No.1 CSC.

    Due to overcrowding in previous seasons, and rising costs of broadcasting games, entry to the back room is £2.00 for non-members (free for members). Membership forms will be available, £10 membership guarantees FREE entry to all live televised Celtic games all season.

    The costs of broadcasting games is also a major issue and since a large chunk of the broadcasting costs are paid for by the club its only fair that those that wish to take advantage of the atmosphere at the club are willing to contribute.

    And for the sake of £2.00 (in one of the cheaper pubs in London:) we think that's a fair request.

    Hopefully many people will take advantage of membership at the club and guarantee FREE entry to ALL televised games and help to preserve the unique atmosphere that watching Celtic at the most established CSC in London has to offer.

    AGM News AGM for the London No1 CSC took place last night, 11th July.

    Here's a brief overview of the news.

    LONDON NO.1 CALENDAR at the London No1 CSC are now available as a feed from the club calandar, hosted on Google Calendar.]]>Newssymptomless2007-07-11T12:11:44+00:00ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING a recent committee meeting some topics of discussion were brought up regards the running of the club and ideas to bring forward into the new 2007-08 season.

    To discuss these issues further please attend the AGM, 8pm, Wednesday 11th July.

    PRE-SEASON FRIENDLIES's pre-season friendlies versus Basle and Young Boys Berne will all be shown at the London No1 CSC.Setanta have dropped their advertised coverage of the QPR game.

    Thu, 5th July, 19:45
    Basle v. CELTIC

    Sat, 7th July, 18:30
    Young Boys v. CELTIC

    --- CORRECTION ---Sun, 15th July,
    Setanta have dropped their advertised coverage of this game and at present there are no plans to show this game live.

    CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2007/08 the long hot summer to get through here's some info on our Champions League campaign for next season.Newssymptomless2007-06-06T13:46:29+00:00